lose stubborn belly fat and get in shape

lose stubborn belly fat and get in shape

Talking about the belly fat, and why is it so difficult to get rid of the same. Let me explain what could be the hidden cause though (not all agree to this).

The main reason why stomach fat is so hard to get rid of is because it is mostly influenced by hormones. stomach fat is the most sensitive of all well it isn’t the only area that’s controlled by the hormones. Meaning stubborn belly fat cannot be reduced by exercising and eating right as cortisol hormone is the main culprit .

Cortisol is a stress hormone which is essential for human survival. so whenever your body goes through any kind of Physical or Mental stress your body secretes Cortisol and this acts as a catalyst of other physiological response for the body to run or function properly. It is like a generator when Power supply is stopped the Generator supports for a while until the important source is fixed but it is not for the regular usage. its for emergency purpose only like a temporary replacement.

But due to excessive stress your body secretes this Hormone very often. this is where the system goes wrong and Cortisol becomes a counterproductive to your body. it can seriously affect your Health altering metabolism leading to stubborn belly fat.

Hence its time to check your Cortisol Production in your body if you have gained Belly fat easily and unable to cut it down.

Here’s what you need to ask yourself 3 Questions, when you know you are eating right and exercising you still have that flab on your Ab‘s

Am I sleeping enough? (6-8 hours recommended)
Quality sleep is what we suggest you . if you find it difficult to sleep make some changes in your routine as in Reading Books and kicking out those Gadgets out of the Bedroom will do wonders.

Am i getting tired easily?
Take a break and rest for a while. so that you will not have to worry about struggling to burning off that excessive Fat.

Do i need the help of Caffeine to keep going through the day?

you’re definitely not getting enough sleep and/or rest If you need a stimulant to wake up.

cortisol production is stimulated by consuming Caffeine.its ok if you drink a cup-a-joe as long as you do not have chronic fatigue. Green tea is the best instead of the regular Tea.It has ctachins a natural stimulant that helps fight fatigue and boost your energy levels and also has about 1/4 the amount of caffeine than your regular cup of coffee.

You can check these Additional tips related to Food:
Eating in 3 intervals
Expertise advice “Do not skip meals thinking you will have a Flat stomach”. when you skip meals you body goes into starvation mode using the previous meals as fat as the system does not know when you will feed next. Hence this fat is piled up in midsection. Therefore eating in intervals like small meals or snacks will keep you active.

Savour Dark Chocolate
It contains Zinc which regulates your energy levels, fat storages and appetite and its less sugar which means its got all the benefits – pretty much belly friendly as Experts say.

Binge on Greens
Greens like kale, lettuce and broccoli are full of vitamins , super-filling and practically calorie-free. Do a favour for yourself when you feel like eating some junk try munching these amazing greens.

wine-one or two
Drink Moderately as alcohol is digested as a sugar which ultimately converted into fat will store up on the mid-section. it is similar to eating a stack of cookies.

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