How To Get Rid Of Double Chin And The Face Fat

How To Get Rid Of Double Chin And The Face Fat

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How To Get Rid Of Double Chin

There are numerous sayings regarding the causes of the double chin. The most common of them is people having double chin are overweight. Yes, it is one of the reasons of possessing double chin, but apart from this, there are many more reasons which cause double chin and are usually not considered. People who are obese or old are likely to have it, but there are few cases where ultimately thin people do possess a double chin.  What happens is the skin around neck i.e. exactly below our chin starts losing firmness or we can say more layers of skin are formed there which usually termed as the double chin.

How To Get Rid Of Double Chin

Right are the words, every next necessity gives a need for any new invention. And here every next cause of double chin is giving birth to some methods to get rid of it. Let us look at the ways to get rid of double chin respective of the cause.

If You Are Overweight


Overweight is the most common cause of all, and it is very obvious that if you have an excess of body weight, it will be stored in your body somewhere. And in the case of double chin fat gets stored around your neck and makes skin there to sag downwards. Vigorous exercises for reducing weight does not remove the double chin. They do have the effect on your face, but then you need to follow some chin exercises to get rid of it. Below written are few chin exercises which are highly effective. 

The first and the best exercise you can do; change the posture in which you sleep. You must rest in a position in which you feel your neck stretched. For that; lie down on the pillow and pull your neck in the backward direction and try to sleep. It will take the time to get sleep in first few days; later on, you will get habitual of this posture. You can do the same in standing or sitting position. Sit straight and stretch your neck as far as you can by keeping your head backwards.

The next step or exercise of tilting your head backwards is to open and close your mouth repeatedly for 10-15 times i.e. after stretching your neck back open and close your mouth repeatedly.

Open your mouth similar to like when you visit a dentist and he asks you to do so. Keep your tongue at rest and stretch your lower jaw downwards. It is one of the practical exercises for facial muscles and double chin Stand in a relaxed mode, look towards the ceiling and make a pot. Do not give stress to any other facial muscles except your lips. Your neck muscles should stretch, and your pout should be for the ceiling. Repeat the same for 10-15 minutes.

Keep your head straight and shoulders relaxed. Stretch your neck and start to rotate your head, starting from your left and ending up in your right keeping the neck extended. Rotate in both clockwise as well as anti-clockwise direction. You can do this while sitting too but do keep your back straight.

Open your mouth and take out your tongue to the maximum distance possible. Your jaw should be wide open so that all your facial muscles get stretched and tongue should be pulled straight in horizontal direction

There is also equipment available on the market for double chin workouts. You will get these machines on any website, and you can get them delivered right to your doorstep. But then the natural way is the best way to remove the double chin.

Diet for Overweight

The area under chin i.e. around the neck is the fat prone area which means is you are consuming excess fat in your diet then there are many chances you will have a double chin. To cut off the extra fat from your double chin as well as your body low fat high protein diet is the best option. Let us look at few alternatives which might prove beneficial for you in reducing the double chin.

·         Olive oil: discard all the other oil you are using and start using olive oil for cooking. The fat in olive oil is known as healthy fat, and it does not make you fat.

·         Green tea: green tea is very rich in antioxidants, and if taken on the regular basis it catalyses the weight reduction process.

·         Dark chocolate: instead of eating chocolates with milk content; start eating dark chocolate. It is little strange, but they are very helpful in reduction of fat.

·         Rich protein: abundant protein is always useful in drastic weight reduction. Peanut butter, soymilk, tofu, cottage cheese, low-fat cheeses are all rich sources of vegan protein. The ones who want to reduce weight should not go for nonvegan sources of protein because they contain much more calories against proteins.

In the whole you need to reduce fat content from your diet and increase protein content. Remember if you are on a high protein diet, then you should not leave eating carbohydrates. Proteins and carbohydrates both should balance in your diet.

If All Your Family Members Have A Double Chin: Inheritance

  • If you are not fat and still have a double chin, then have a look at your family members. If they are having the same as yours, then it is inheritance. The only ways you left with are:
  • Do not let it grow more because it will make you look ugly.
  • Do follow the chin workouts mentioned above.
  • Eat healthy food as chin is the large prone area and if you are eating more junk than there are more chances, you will have a double chin.

       Double Chin In Pregnant Ladies

Double Chin in Pregnant Ladies

The other possible reason is pregnancy, after or during pregnancy water retention in body increases due to which double chin formed, exercising and right dieting can help in getting rid of it. Proper dieting refers to the low sodium content here which means you need to avoid salty food. Otherwise, you can use low sodium salt which is readily available on the market. Apart from salt, you need to discard all those foods which are having high sodium content.

·         Baking powder and baking soda are high in sodium; therefore, all those cakes and muffins which have this as an ingredient should be avoided.

·         Seafood is very high in sodium.

·         Avoid the canned products because they contain sodium.

Sometimes the reason for double chin is old age because as you age your, skin starts loosening up, so treatment for that is to practice chin exercises in routine when you grow old.

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