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Students reviews on IBPS RRB Exam 19th September Morning Shift

In this article you will find students reviews on todays IBPS RRB Exam (19th Sept) morning shift. If you are one of the attendees of todays IBPS RRB exam then you can share your views below with our readers this could help many others preparing for IBPS exam.


For aptitude section in RRB assistant exam. most of people are scared of this section… in assistant exam this section is known as numerical ability. In todays paper I could solve only 26 though I had time
Todays paper pattern

  • 15 simplification
  • 5 Data Interpretation
  • 5 series
  • 15 misc train boat profit loss SI CI partnership Age etc

I solved 12 Simplification, 05 data interpretation, 3 series and 6 misc.
Guys for this section you need to give more time.. atleast 40min then only u can solve 25 questions. Whenever you start with section first solve simplification then data Interpretation questions then series and finally miscellaneous questions.

Don’t go for misc at first because they were of level of PO exam. You can solve miscellaneous but time consuming and confusing. So even if you give more time for simplification You are gonna get answer for sure, but when solving miscellaneous problem you might not get solution. So try to solve simplification first. Then Data Interpretation then remaining part. thank you.

By Sasi

Good overall attempt was 170, some repeated questions from previous RRB officers 2015 on GK and computer. As usual computer was easy, GK is easy to moderate little questions from RRB and banking, one with questions from hindi divas started year. Reasoning is also easy 3 puzzle there 2 is very easy, one is somewhat tricky, maths is easy to moderate 8 questions from simplification is answerable Data Interpretation is time consuming with percentage and totals, some from work trains etc, English is easy according to me reading comprehension is too good, they gave small para only understandable and answerable too… Para jumbled also there was some connection between sentence. Overall the exam was easy, hope you all did well. Thank you all

By Divya

My Attempts

Eng -30
Comp- 39
G.a -29
Maths -27

By Ankit Dubey

  1. English – Easy i attend 37
    One passage — story of elephant and tailor
    Para – jumble moderate
    Finding error 3 hard 2 medium
    Overall Easy
  2. Computer – 30 essay and 10 moderate question
    like pdf , html , url protocol , bit size , powerful computer
  3. GA – Moderate
  4. Reasoning – out of 3 puzzle 2 are easy and 1 moderate
    if you begin puzzle by drawing 2 or 3 possibility case then easy
    other than puzzle all questions are very simple
  5. Maths- almost 10 question on simplification
    only one Data Interpretation – single diagram
    Simple calculation on d.i like avg. what % is more etc.
    out of 5 series 4 are essay and 1 is moderate

Overall I attend 170. Indian Exam Results © 2015 | Our Partner website : ssc syllabus