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An Interview on “How to crack Bank PO exam” with Shubham Saxena Bank PO

Is there any kind of agony in the minds of Banking Aspirants? If it is then we have some reliable tricks and legendary methods to prove it as your “remarkable success”. As we know Success doesn’t just come and find you, you have to go out and get it”. We are presenting an Interview of one of the most successful PO Shubham Saxena currently working in Union Bank. This interview will uplift your mind, you can get triumph over your vulnerable fear. IBPS PO is not so far, you require some smart strategies to create sensational history in your life. We recommend our readers to read the interview!

An Interview on “How to crack Bank PO exam” with Shubham Saxena Bank PO

About Shubham Saxena

Shubham Saxena has accomplished his under graduate engineering studies from SRM University Ghaziabad. He has done his engineering in Mechanical field. He was very good in studies and he got placed in TCS & Sleepwell. He decided to join Sleepwell. But after three months of this joining due to unfavorable conditions, he has to take the decision to quit the job. Then he decided to prepare for bank exams. With a hard core effort he got selected in year 2014 as a PO in Union Bank with just 3 months of his preparation. Currently he is working as PO in Union bank Uttar Pradesh.


#1. Do you think is there any back door to achieve your targets?

I appreciate your move but dude I have not done anything very extra ordinary. Don’t treat this as an interview because I am not an expert and neither have I had so deep experience of this sector.

#2. We would like to know what were your strategies behind your success?

Success is achieved by hard work, there is no alternative to that. I repeat nothing can replace hard work. Short cuts are there but learning them is not easy, you have to practice them again and again so that you can master them. Then next thing is your approach towards the exam. The third is “How badly you need success”, you must have fire your belly. During your phase of preparation always keep yourself motivated and keep faith in yourself. These 3 are the most important factors on which your results depend.

#3. How will you define your journey in short?

I was very down when I left my job, but with the support of my family I got up and started preparing for the exams. Starts are difficult, but once you have started, you should not think of turning back. Keep yourself focused during the entire phase of your preparation and always believe that “You are going to crack it”.

#4. According to you how much time should be allotted to crack any bank exam?

Excellence is what matters and not the number of hours. You should have the right approach when it comes to cracking the exam. I have coined the term for the approach, it is 3T (Target the Topics). You can’t be the master of all the topics so you need to target the most important ones. While giving exam time flies like anything so choosing questions during exam is very important. Keep in mind that all questions carry equal marks and you will not be given a Nobel if you solve the toughest question, so its my request never waste your time on one question and practice to skip questions.

#5. Was it your dream job to clear bank exam? and will you prefer our IBPS aspirants to go for coaching?

Coaching are good, they certainly help and can save a lot of your time. But as the traditions are the parliament like session which is organized outside the coaching centres by the students for discussing relevant and irrelevant topics (mostly irrelevant) is not at all healthy for your prep. So you can join coaching but keep in mind that Time wasted will never come back.

#6. What else you wanna to say our Bank aspirants?

Goals are difficult but they can be achieved by following the correct approach and staying focused. You will meet lot of people (in thousands) who will tell you that “I am preparing for civil services and Bank PO does not matter to me” but in those thousands only one or two get selected and rest don’t even crack PO because there prep was a botched up work and on the other hand the person who kept himself focused on a single syllabus has almost every chance in the world that he can crack the exam.

#7. What are the tricks you followed for Quantitative Aptitude?

There are many tricks that have to be learned, for that you can join any good, reputed coaching but they will just teach you. You will have to work very hard to keep all those techniques in your mind all the time and recall the correct approach as soon as you see a question.

#8. How you managed your time for each section?

Most important thing is Time. In PO exam 8-10 minutes wasted can throw you out of the race and there is no coming back. Always attempt the section first in which you have most confidence. Like I used to attend reasoning first and then quants then English, GA, Computer. Don’t get depressed if you are not able to solve first few questions, keep on leaving them and first solve all questions in which you have full confidence. Here’s another important approach that you’ll have to learn and that is “Learning to Leave” the questions. The questions are thrown to you in such a manner that you get caught into the trap but avoid it but leaving difficult questions which come in starting and attempt easy questions which are hidden in the middle. Keep in mind that if the exam is difficult then it is difficult for everyone, its not just YOU.

#9. Which books you recommend for our IBPS aspirants?

If you are attending a coaching then they provide ample material if it’s a good one. And if you not a coaching type then you can at least buy their material and practice those questions at home by yourself and don’t forget to practice last years exam papers. While practising exam papers try to create an exam like environment at your place and then practice them, so that you can analyse your results clearly and not think that I will be able to attempt more questions in the hall because I will not be disturbed there by anyone. This is wrong, practice papers in an almost actual environment.

#10. How long in a day you studied for IBPS exam? How you updated yourself for GK updates?

There are various magazines in the market like pratiyogita darpan, Banking Chronicle, etc and you can target net also for downloading monthly or daily updates. But keep in mind one thing, nothing can replace Newspaper. Its like a Brahma-Astra for GK and English section.

#11. Which banking magazine, newspaper you suggest our Bank aspirants?

Pratiyogita darpan, Banking Chronicle are good magazines. TOI, Hindu are the best, if you are habitual of reading hindi newspaper then change your habit. I have seen that most candidates face problem with the English section but your life will be somewhat easy if you are in habit of reading a quality English newspaper. In your opinion which was the most difficult section or subject? Its not about me any more. It depends on the candidates. A section might be easy for one and very difficult for other.

#12. How will you guide our banking aspirants to face a interview round?

Keep yourself super updated and always follow the story (related to news) till the end, especially economic section. Always verify your theories with facts. Be prepared for any question, and look super confident (don’t look over confident) the members sitting in the panel are of your fathers age, they are able to guess everything about you. So be natural and genuine. Apart from theory you should be aware about things happening in your surroundings also like “Like how many steps did you walk to come from the door to the chair” or “If you have arrived at the venue with your personal vehicle then what is the price of petrol these days? Why is it falling or rising ?” etc etc.

#13. Who was your ideal for your remarkable success?

You can consider any inspiring figure, for me it was my favourite rocks star Mr. Rgahuram Rajan. His story inspires me a lot and he became the governor when I was preparing for the exam so at that time I got enough to read about him.

#14. What else should be done to be an extra ordinary and little


Keep your level of preparation about the standards of the syllabus. If the person setting the paper is alpha then you should be double alpha. This can also only be done if you work hard and follow the right approach.

#15. Do think in your perspective online exams are more beneficial rather than offline exam?

It doest really matter. You should just keep in mind one thing “You have to crack it” that’s all. Your work is to solve the questions and their work is to check them, so don’t think about things which are not in your hand. They disclose everything about the paper in their advertisement. So prepare accordingly and BEST OF LUCK.

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