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Questions asked in RBI Assistant exam 8th August 2015

Today RBI conducted the second phase of the RBI assistant exam. We have some of our curious visitors who are willing to know the Reasoning, Numerical Ability, English, General awareness, and Computer knowledge question asked in RBI Assistant exam on 8th August 2015. We request our users to share the questions with our readers as many of them would be having exam on 9th August and 16th August 2015.

We always try to bring out exact questions from the students who have given the exam. If you are one of the attendees of the exam we would request you to provide the questions you remember in the different sections of the exam.

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Questions asked in RBI assistant exam 2015

Reasoning questions asked in RBI assistant exam (8th August 2015)

Questions coming soon….

Numerical Ability questions asked in RBI assistant exam (8th August 2015)

Questions coming soon….

English questions asked in RBI assistant exam (8th August 2015)

Questions coming soon….

General Awareness questions asked in RBI assistant exam (8th August 2015)

  1. Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit was held on 9-10 July 2015 in ?
  2. Hrishikesh Kanitkar and Ajay Ratra are related to which sport – Cricket
  3. Which country will chair 2016 BRICS Summit? – India
  4. Former RBI Governer among the following option?
  5. PNB Headquarter is in delhi
  6. SATELLITES OF ISRO OF which country? UK
  7. UNICEF headquarter is in ? New York
  8. APJ Abdul Kalam new scheme named after him- Ans- Rashtriya Avishakar Abhiyan
  9. Name of Cricket Stadium in Cuttack: Barabati Stadium
  10. Maximum Age of Sukanya Samridhi Yojana
  11. south korea capital- Seoul
  12. Head Quarter of UNICEF: Newyork
  13. President of bhutan? – Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
  14. Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit was held on 9-10 July 2015? Ufa, Russia
  15. how much money to sugarcane growers? 6000 crs
  16. Doctors day? 1st July
  17. NHB full form?
  18. Former rbi governor?
  19. VSAT
  20. MSDN full form?
  21. Kazakhstan and south korea capital & currency?
  22. Mutual fund regulator?
  23. 37 bridges writer?
  24. Where is sanjay gandhi national park? maharastra
  25. Recently died Mr. Matti Makkonen related to? sms
  26. Scheme related to rural people?
  27. Literacy rate of chidren age seven and above?
  28. In which year all people of india will having mobile phones with themselves?
  29. In PMJDY which card is provided? rupay debit card
  30. In woman catagory wimbledon trophy won by? serena williams
  31. Reatil banking is also known as?
  32. Who among the following was ex-rbi governer? manmohan singh
  33. Barbati stadium stiuated in? odisha
  34. SCO summit was held in? ufa
  35. In NHB,h IS FOR? housing
  36. Home affair minister? rajnath singh
  37. Captial of kazakhstan? astana
  38. Currency of north korea? won
  39. Largest emplyoment in d world? us defence
  40. Sukanya Smridhi Account maturity period? till 21 years
  41. Airbus tie up with? mahindra
  42. Project tatkal related to ? home loan

Computer questions asked in RBI assistant exam (8th August 2015)

  1. CRTL + U = View source code in firefox
  2. ASCII Full Form = American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  3. IP Full Form = Internet Protocol
  4. 1 MB = one million bytes
  5. DSL is the Example of = Broadband
  6. Scrambling of Data is Know As – encoded data
  7. Term used for Unsolicidate Mail > Spam
  8. Clock rate of Processor is Measured in > gigahertz
  9. C++ is a = high level language
  10. BIOS Full Form = Basic Input/ Output System
  11. WORM Full Form > Write-Once, Read-Many
  12. Which among the following the operating system > LINUX
  13. Hibernate in Window XP refers to > means of avoiding the burden of saving unsaved data before shutting down
  14. In first generation Computer what was used > Vacuum Tube
  15. Which is not a storage device > Monitor
  16. What protect System from hacker > Firewall
  17. Smallest controllable element of a picture represented on a computer screen > PIXEL
  18. Check Computer Program for Error is called > Debugging
  19. Biggest Memory Size > PetaByte
  20. Which is not a secondary storage ?
  21. Fastest digital data in terms of speed ?
  22. A software system that is designed, which allow users to search for information on the Internet: Search engine.

Guys please share the questions asked in RBI assistant with the readers this will help them to get the idea about how the questions could be asked in the exams on 9th and 16th August. Indian Exam Results © 2015 | Our Partner website : ssc syllabus