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Questions Asked in RBI assistant exam 1st August 2015

Hi friends, as you all know RBI is conducting examination for the post of Assistant. Huge amount of candidates are appearing in the examination. The exam is scheduled in 4 different dates, i.e. 1st, 8th, 9th and 16th August. Lots of students have given given the examination for today (1st August) We would love to invite them to share the questions they remember with other viewers. This could help them to get an Idea of the level of examination and prepare accordingly.

Questions asked in RBI assistant exam 2015

We have also gathered some questions form our sources that were asked in RBI assistant exam conducted on 1st August 2015.

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Reasoning questions asked in RBI assistant exam (1st August 2015)

Questions coming soon….

Numerical Ability questions asked in RBI assistant exam (1st August 2015)

Questions coming soon….

English questions asked in RBI assistant exam (1st August 2015)

Questions coming soon….

General Awareness questions asked in RBI assistant exam (1st August 2015)

Q.1. Who is the Information and Broadcasting Minister at present?- Arun Jaitley

Q.2. What is the currency of Switzerland? -Franc

Q.3. Who is the recently appointed Deputy Governor of RBI?- S.S. Mundra

Q.4. Who is the author of the book ‘Test of my life’?-Yuvraj Singh

Q.5. What is the capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli?-Silvassa

Q.6. Where is the headquarters of IMF situated?- Washington, D.C., US

Q.7. National Teacher’s Day is celebrated on – 5th September

Q8. Test of my life book author – yuvraj singh

Q9. Switz currency? franc

Q10. Dadanagar Haveli capital? silvasa

Q11. Where is IMF head quarter? washington

Q12. National teachers day?  5 sept

Q13. Half yearly financial stability report by whom?

Q14. Kalinga stadium situated in ?

Q15. Capital of Daman and diu?

Q16. BRICS bank head?

Q17. AIIB hq?

Q18. Age limit in sukanya samridhi ?

Q19. MUDRA bank corpus ?

Q20. RRBs new capital limit?

Q21. Question on WHO

Q22. Kaiga atomic power plant?

Q23. Charles Correa?

Q24. Which NASA probe searched water on Moon – LCROSS

Computer questions asked in RBI assistant exam (1st August 2015)

Q1. CLRL + X function – Cutting & Copying the text

Q2. PROM Full Form – Programmable Read Only Memory

Q3. Which among the following is the pointing Device? – Mouse

Q4. Which among the following is a input output Device?

Q5. Which language is used to design webpage? HTML

Q6. Which among the following provides internet – ISP

Q7. What is C++ : High level Language

Q8. Important Function of CPU – Control Unit & ALU

Q9. Which Command is used for undo – CTRL + Z

Q10. What is the basic memory of computer – RAM & ROM

Q11. Which among the following is the largest memory unit – PB(Petabyte)

Q12. What is the main function of computer – Input, process, Output, storage

Q13. What is URL – Uniform Resource Locator Indian Exam Results © 2015 | Our Partner website : ssc syllabus