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General awareness (GK) and Computer questions asked in RBI Assistant exam 9th August 2015

RBI is conducting exams for RBI assistant post. The exam is scheduled in 4 dates 1st August, 8th August, 9th August and 16th August. We share with you the questions that are asked in the exam on the particular dates. Today also RBI conducted the exam. We would like our viewers to share the questions they remember for RBI assistant exam they gave today i.e. 9th August 2015.

Below are the questions asked in RBI Assistant on 1st August & 8th August 2015

Questions asked in RBI Assistant exam 8th August 2015

Questions Asked in RBI assistant exam 1st August 2015

We will soon update the questions as they are available so stay connected with us.

General Awareness (GK) questions asked in RBI Assistant exam 9th August 2015

RBI question updates 10 am provided to us by Rachit Tandon

  1. ATM transact upper n lower limit
  2. ATM withdrawal upper lower limit
  3. Micro ATM limits
  4. Hriday scheme launched in Amritsar
  5. wto H.O
  6. Super rich status defined by govt.
  7. Service Tax

Some other questions that were asked today

  • Where is Kilimanjaro?
  • Where is Pipava?
  • Slovakia Currency?
  • Kohima is the capital of which country?
  • Who is Communication Minister?
  • Where is WTO Headquarters?
  • Where is OECD Headquarters?
  • World Literacy Day is celebrated on which day?
  • Green Signal is written by?
  • Pipavav Pipavav Shipyard is located where?
  • Khanjar 2015 exercise between India&???
  • Nagaland Capital?
  • Joshna Chinpa is related to which sport?
  • Next World Cup is to be scheduled at?
  • Hriday Scheme is launched for which state?
  • PSLV C28 is launched by which country?
  • Who is the director of Buddha in a Traffic Jam?
  • What is Micro ATM Limit?

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Computer questions asked in RBI Assistant exam 9th August 2015

  1. Computer common name of circuit board
  2. Ms world complete knowledge and short keys F1, CTRL H,
  3. Imp on output devices,
  4. Lapptop is also called …..
  5. Use of buss…
  6. microprocessors details Indian Exam Results © 2015 | Our Partner website : ssc syllabus