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Important Interview Questions for BPO Freshers


Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a method of outsourcing the business that involves the operations and responsibilities of any specific business process to the third-party service in various business related operations. When BPO began it mostly applied to manufacturing entities like any type of manufacturers. Originally, this was associated with outsourced large segments of its supply chain. The BPO is typically categorised into back office outsourcing, which includes internal business functions such as human resources, accounting and front office outsourcing which includes customer related services such as contact center services.

interview questions for bpo fresher

This article is for people who are preparing for BPO interviews for Wipro, HCL, Genpact, and other BPO companies in India.

BPO is the contracting of a specific business task such as payroll to a third-party service provider. Usually, BPO is implemented as a cost saving measure for tasks that a company requires but does not depend upon to maintain their position in the market.

Important BPO interview questions

Q1. Introduce Yourself ?

Ans : You should be prepared for this question as it would be asked for sure.

Q2. Tell me about your friends ?

Ans : I am fun-loving and friendly kind of guy, I love to making friends. For me my friends are my hobby, my pets, my lawn, and my garden.

Q3. What do you mean by BPO ?

Ans : BPO is abbreviated as Business Process Outsourcing. When a company wants its non-core work to be done by an expert at cheaper costs then they outsource their work to any other company, which is called Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Q4. How did you spend your yesterday ?

Ans : Be prepare for this question.

Q5. Are you comfortable to work in different shifts?

Ans Yes, I am ready for 24 by 7.

Q6. How BPO works?

Ans : It works according to the requirement of other Companies. It basically outsourced the service to MNC’s.

Q7. What is a Domestic BPO ?

Ans :  Domestic BPO means an environment where people handle business of companies inside India.

Q8. What is an International BPO ?

Ans International BPO means a place where people handle business of companies across India and Overseas. The associates working in international bpos need to have exceptionally good communication skills, sound knowledge of international way of thinking and most importantly have the accent to convince the international customers.

Q9. What is an inbound BPO ?

Ans : Inbound BPO will only receive calls. Mainly Inbound BPO functions as companies service department.

Q10. What is an Outbound BPO ?

Ans : Outbound BPO will only place calls. Mainly outbound BPO handles the service department.

Q11. Are you ready to sign a bond ?

Ans : Yes.

Q12. Do you have any planning for future studies ?

Ans No. I will go for higher studies but after 4 to 5 yrs, firstly I want to be independent and support my family.

Q13. What type of job you are looking for ?

Ans  I am looking for inbound process, and also interested in challenging position to utilize my skills and abilities.

Q14. Tell me your skills ?

Ans : You must prepare for this question, this is a very common question generally asked.

Q15. What are your Hobbies?

Ans : Be prepare for this question.

Q16. How do you rate your communication skills ?

Ans : Try to be honest for this answer for example Giving yourself 7 out of 10 can be a nice option. If you want to impress but not flatter. But remember to justify it by trying not to stammer or sound nervous.

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These were some of the very basic questions asked in any BPO interviews. We would also like to share some tips for Wipro BPO interviews.

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