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IBPS Clerk IV Review Morning Shift 7 December 2014 CWE, GA, GK Questions asked

IBPS Clerk IV Review Morning Shift 7 December 2014 CWE, GA, GK Questions asked : The IBPS clerk IV morning shift has been conducted and we have taken the review of some of the students that have given the IBPS Clerk IV 7 December Morning Shift  2014 exam. There have been huge number of applicants that have applied for this exam hence the IBPS clerk IV examination has been conducted in 2 different dates.

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In this article we will be reviewing the IBPS Clerk IV Review Morning Shift 7 December 2014 CWE, GA, GK Questions. To begin with let us first review the exam pattern. The question paper carried 200 question and the time allotted was 2 hours. The paper consisted of 5 sections namely English language, reasoning, numerical ability and General Awareness with special reference to computer and banking industry knowledge.

Now we will come to each and every section one by one and will analyze them sequentially

GK and GA questions asked in IBPS Clerk

  • Malaysia Capital- Kuala Lumper
  • Japan Currency- Japanese Yen
  • Mortgage are which type of property
  • Tourism Minister- Dr. Mahesh Sharma
  • Ritu rani is related to which sports- Hockey
  • UNICEF Head Quarters- Newyork  
  • Which game held in Incheon- Asian Games
  • NBFC is regulated by- RBI
  • Environment Minister- Prakash Javadekar
  • Largest Flower grower in the world-
  • Coral field in which state- Gujrat
  • Gaofen-2 is whose satellite- China
  • ARSAT satellite belongs to- Argentina
  • Regional Rural Banks are sponsored by-
  • GDP Full Form- Gross Domestic Product
  • Shortcut for Bold- CTRL+B
  • One byte has how many bits- 8 Bits
  • 3 questions on Input/Output devices
  • Full form of GUI- Graphical User Interface
  • Full form of DVD- Digital Versatile Disk
  • Full Form of EPROM- Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
  • Wildlife heritage region
  • KIRAN is made for
  • ICC ODI captain- Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  • National Education Day- 11th November
  • VDU Full form- Visual Display Unit
  • Full form of PNG- Portable Network Graphics
  • One question on NPOV
  • UIDAA deadline
  • What is balance sheet-
  • Certificate of Commencement needed for which type of Organization- Public Company
  • Speed of Processor measured in- Instruction Per Second (IPS)
  • Madison Square Garden is in which American City- Newyork
  • Sathasivam- Kerala Governor
  • Service Tax- 12%
  • Indian army helped for Jammu & Kashmir known as-
  • What is RAM’s primary storage- Options needed
  • Standard & Poor’s company is- Credit Rating Agency

Reasoning section in IBPS clerk 

Thought this section was not that complex but it was time consuming. This section consisted of 40 questions. The questions were found on concepts like Number sequence, seating arrangement, analytical reasoning, directions, coding, decoding, critical reasoning and data sufficiency.

Number of questions: 40

Possible attempts: 28 – 32

Time Taken: 32 – 35 min

7 December IBPS CWE Clerk 4  Morning Session Review Exam Analysis

English Language section in IBPS clerk 7th December

This section in IBPS Clerk IV Review Morning Shift 7 December 2014 was most dominating section. The candidates who have done this section well have good chances in this exam. For this section candidates required good reading skills. Most of the questions were based on comprehension. So below is the analysis for the English language section.

Number of Questions: 40

Possible Attempts: 25-27

Time take: 20 – 25 min.

Numerical Ability IBPS Clerk 4 7th December :

This section consisted of some tricky numerical questions the candidates who prepared well would not find this section difficult.

Number of Questions: 40

Possible Attempts: 28 to 32

Time take: 30 min

General Awareness IBPS Clerk December 2014:

The section was not at all difficult the questions were mainly from consisted of current affairs, banking & economy.

Number of Questions: 40

Possible Attempts : 30 – 35

Time take: 20 – 25 min.

Computer Awareness :

This section contained  some basic computer related question this section required some basic computer knowledge and some windows based keyboard shortcuts. The general analysis of this section can be seen below

Number of Questions: 40

Possible Attempts: 36

Time taken: 10 – 15 min

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